Machu Picchu Viajes Peru and its commitment to children.

In April 2019, "Machu Picchu Viajes Peru" fulfilled the dreams of 28 Mahuaypampa children in the Andean mountains in western Cusco. They obtained support from school supplies. These are children who do not have the resources or the capacity for many reasons to be able to acquire what is necessary and go to school. Machu Picchu Viajes Peru would like to reach all the centers populated with school supplies but the lack of recourse forces us to gradually support different places.


"Machu Picchu Viajes Peru" believes that it is important to give the Andean peoples, of the Andean highlands living in the most isolated mountain regions of Cusco, the opportunity to see faces of joy and that there is a company that thinks about them. People in these communities have been marginalized in some cases by society and may lack basic needs in their communities such as education, health services, adequate food and housing, etc. It is sad that millions of foreigners now have the opportunity to do tourism and that the populated centers do not have at least one granite of that veneficio by the state.

The year, 2017, "Machu Picchu Viajes Peru" offered the students of the community of Cucani, one of the highest mountainous regions of Cusco. A support of schoolchildren. The children had never had the support of an institution because it was an isolated community.
We would appreciate your support in these social projects of "Machu Picchu Viajes Peru". You can do this by booking tours with us (we use some of the funds for social projects), of course, donations will also be greatly appreciated!